Enterprise Capability Innovation Research and Development
Summary of Innovative research and development
As an innovative technology enterprise, Yameili has a vibrant, high-quality, younger, professional R & D team to provide a steady stream of energy and power for the vigorous development of the company.

Yameili R & D team under the leadership of professional and technical engineers to be absorbed in security field for 17 years, in addition there is foreign technical team which is perennial cooperation, but also converges the technology elites with rich experience in the industry of domestic cooling field. In order to provide qualified, satisfied products to customers, our R & D team will insight the relevant technical requirements of customers at first, and then connects the technical data with customers, and finally researches and develops products with customers together.

In the development process, our R & D team will follow the scientific and rigorous procedure to guarantee the perfect development and manufacture of products, and each member of the team strive to make products' quality of Yameili in reliability, advancement and superiority to get the leading-edge with their extraordinary wisdom and excellent spirit of pursuit for the products.
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